Project Value: JD 9.677.000.00

The building consists of eight floors with a total area of (27400 m2) it is dedicated to Obstetrics and Gynecology. The project includes also the construction of two floors above the maternity and childhood clinic, with an area of (1938 m2) as well as constructing a floor above the emergency building with an area of (500m2), an extension to the project is construction of a tunnel and steel ramp with an area of (675 m2) as well as a metal bridge links between the emergency department and the main building with an area of (408 m2).

The project also includes in addition to the civil and architectural works all of the electromechanical works, such as heating, cooling , and fire extinguishers system, as well as work concerning hospitals, such as operations, medical gases calling systems and all the requirements of patient rooms and special furniture, such as preparation of laboratories, kitchen, cafeteria and theater, in addition to all external works .