About US

We would like to introduce our-self as one of the largest construction companies in Jordan. Its pure local Jordanian construction company since 1954.
Through the past sixty years our company successfully completed lots of projects in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan,from the northern parts to the southern parts,and from east to the west of the kingdom by providing the highest level of quality and performance and through the exploitation of the best resources and methods of implementation and modern technologies.

Where it started
(The Late King Hussein Bin Talal Is Laying The foundation For Schneller School Project In 1958 AD, and beside him seen the late Haj Mohammad Ahmad Abu-Eisheh)



is working in the field of contracting inside The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,for more than sixty years, serving the construction sector in HKJ, the company executed during this period of time in various regions of The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, many governmental, commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, educational buildings, academic colleges, administrative buildings, housing projects, professional buildings and public buildings in both public and private sectors, in addition to road projects, tunnels projects, bridges, water and sewage projects, where the company dealt with various ministries and agencies, institutions,goverment departments, university of jordan, Yarmouk University and Jordan armed forces.
The company is considered a founding member of the Jordanian Construction Contractors Association, where the company’s classified in the field of buildings since 1969.
Praise be to God we did not fail in execution any work awarded to the company since its establishment till this time, and it execute all the projects to the fullest extent, within the time specified for the projects, this is in testimony of all whom the company worked with, without any exception, but even before the specified period in many cases.